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About Innovation Olympics
Instructional Methodology
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Team Facilitation

is an extraordinary and unique series of energizing events designed to dramatically strengthen creativity and innovation in individuals through playful and serious fun. The “Olympics” is a non-threatening platform to begin meaningful change in an organization. 

Serious learning and skills-building takes place through cleverly-designed, competitively scored “games” that totally engage each person and make for a enjoyable, powerful, and lasting learning experience. Each event takes approximately 2 hours and can be done back-to-back in one day or spread over an allotted time period. Elements of the Olympics can be tailered for your specific needs.


• is totally UNIQUE and UNUSUAL.
• is tremendous FUN to play.
• fulfills serious BUSINESS NEEDS.
• is REMARKABLE in the way it facilitates change.
CHALLENGES people to excel.  It stokes the flames of competition.
• is REWARDING (people get monetary and other prizes).
• is HILARIOUS (people and teams laugh, poke fun at each other, and otherwise “cut up”).

Event 6
Event 5
Event 4
Event 2
Event 1:

In addition to the initial main event, we continue to conduct research and development,
and are expanding the games with new and exciting apporaches and topics.

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