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Running The Distance

Running The Distance

Event 1
This event J-O-L-T-S people out of conventional, traditional, and stale thinking and opens them up to a newworld of infinite possibilities of achieving even the most challenging goals and projects.

1. Recognize the dire limitations and major weaknesses of Conventional Thinking.
2. Learn to do “360 Degree Thinking” to radically expand their options and possibilities.
3. Improve their Problem Solving skills.
4. Put into practice a powerful Creativity Process to generate more and better ideas.
5. Better appreciate the superior power of the Diversity of Ideas coming from their team.
Each of 5 - 8 people in a team receive a workbook. It has 120 fun, thought-provoking and challenging riddles, puzzles and problems to solve. They have to think their way outside-the-box. The highest winning score (based on the number of correct answers to as many puzzles as they can solve) gives each team member a PRIZE.  

  2 hours total.
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